Rename X

Rename X allows you to change names of many files at once.
You can replace the file name, add the date, number a series of files and more.
Preview and Undo.Simple but powerful.

Dice Club

Just relax for a moment and play the worlds most popular dice game!
Dice Club is loved for its smooth gameplay. Play together or challenge build in players.
Enjoy and don’t forget to check out the amazing Zenmodus!


Use SubShift to make perfect subtitles.
You can synchronise, edit and export subtitles.
Use search to find corresponding lines and scenes in one click.

PhotoExpress 3

PhotoExpress 3 allows you to edit image files fast and easy.
You can resize, crop, add a watermark, rename and more.
Many at once, super fast.


Discover the visual beauty of math.
See the Numberphile video: The Golden Ratio
Sit back and enjoy!

Minesweeper U73

Simply the best Minesweeper for Mac.
Choose your own boardsize and difficulty.
Classic U-Boat sound effects aad to the drama.


Dedicated to Mac since 1987